It was a good weekend.  No really bad games.  Some were a little off but otherwise it was fun. 

My Serenity game went well.  The first night it was a full table which meant that all the bad guys were played by players as well.  The play did well with the twitchiness thing too.  I had fun, from what people told me they did too.  Both games ran all four hours and didn’t go over.  I added an encounter with a salvage junky which was fun.  Three pages and no box text, I think I stressed over nothing.

So, that means I’m going to do it again for Tacticon.  J. & I might go an Arizona convention this summer as well.  We’ll see how things go.

I applied for a transfer this morning since one came up that was up my ally.  Hope that goes well.  I need something challenging to do.

Okay, yeah, personally? Not a big fan of the Karmic Boogeyman. I know he lives under a lot of Pagan beds, grabbing ankles and scaring people into idleness. But honestly, all you have to do to vanquish him is take responsibility for your words and your actions. Own what you do, accept the positive and/or negative consequences, The End. Not the most popular metaphysical point of view in this day and age, but there you go.Evn







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