CoV: A Mother and Daughter Project

This is totally J.’s fault.  I had been resisting online games since quitting FFXI last year.  I didn’t have the time to devote to one.  I told him he was a bad influence.  But he’s been playing City of Villains.  Something that I dwelled on as I waited for Dish to get their act together on Saturday.  I worked on websites but the gamer itch was fairly large.  When I finally got out of the house after a good 6 hour wait, I headed to Wal-Mart, snagged a $20.00 box of slightly damaged goods and later than night got addicted.  Now I have three characters.  An ice demon, a ninja and a pink princess.  Okay the pink is the poohbunny’s character.  She was getting pretty good last night.  We had to search for a name and finally settled on Aia no Hime or Princess Aia in English.

Leveling is pretty quick.  On of my characters is 6th already…after 1 day of playing with a total of 4 hours game time. 

Can’t say that’s bad. 

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Outline: Dreamfire
Oh, dear. She’s stuck in an infinite loop and he’s an idiot. Well, that’s love for you.Futurama







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  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    Infinity = Miss Ellie, 11th level Controller
    Victory = Balgoress, 5th level Brute

    Miss Ellie is a member of the Cowboys from Hell SG 🙂 Just make a cowboy/girl on Infinity and you can join in the mayhem…

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