Cupcakes and Piggies

Racing Piggies
Racing Piggies
To make up for the crazy rant from yesterday I bring you happier times of last week. Aia participated in a fundraiser in the fall and sold 15 items. This means she won a place in the pig race at school (as well as the piggy). So on race day I headed over to the school to watch her. It was a close race and purple was the clear favorite, representing every class except the 6th grade who was pink.

Then on Saturday we did Aia’s sleep over birthday party. This is first year she asked for a theme. She wanted Tinkerbell cupcakes with my chocolate cherry cupcakes. Now went over the options. She didn’t want the rice paper covers or toys on the cup cakes. She hates icing and cream…sometimes. Finally we decided fondant and as I told her my fairy modeling skills weren’t that good. She looked at me and said, “Momma I want a fairy garden with snails!”.

Fondant Snails!
Fondant Snails!
Well that’s different. I used no sugar added stuff when I could because CJ would be there. Also we made mini cupcakes which were basically chocolate covered cherry drops. Aia helped put on the slime trails and make the snails. Then we had some fun painting the flowers and snails. That took about four hours. Left over fondant and cupcake mix when to make crazy cup cakes for the gamer group and Aia’s lunch and some plain chocolate cupcakes for J. It went pretty well.

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