Damn Thumb Drive

So I lost my thumb drive.

This is not the dramatic, hair searing loss of last summer. I have a full back up. I suspect that I have lost some of Chapter 13 Scene 4 of WH. Everything else is there though.

Apparently my intuition prepared for this and I have one of those instant backup drives in the mail too me already. I had already decided to redo my thumb drive to be porting files only…since most of the stuff is not mac compatible. So I just have to restructure my data on my computer (pretty much done as it is…just need to re-install Sonar and BookDB to my hardrive. Then start doing regular back ups with the one touch and permenant backups to DVD as I get to four gigs in that folder.

So I’ll be using Buzzword or Writepad on the Itouch to write with when I’m unable to use the laptop. I probably should sell the Dana. Sigh.

We never know what is enoughWilliam Blake



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