Day One Revisited

Yeah well, you try to write a novel.

Way jumped the great wall today…on a skateboard. He did it four times. Talk about cool.

Rules of Writing (for those that haven’t a clue):

1. Writing is Hard.

2. In case of block, bad critique or life getting in the way see rule number one.

3. You can do it anyway.

So Day one is done. I’ve fleshed out my characters some more. Still having a problem with one but it will be fixed.

Then Day Two happened.

I’ve got the lay out done for the setting sketches. I hope to write them all out tomarrow.

Random momemt:
Guys, women don’t want to hear how we look like our mommas. We know, we don’t need to be reminded.

Using “First Draft in 30 Days” for fantasy.

Character setting sketches are not very important. Modification: Details for specific settings and history. Extra worldbuild specific to fantasy novels.

I wanted to comment on a blog in Blogspot…but they make you make a blog to comment. Check it out Yes it’s stupid.


1 New recipe, and new quotes.

Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.Philip K. Dick






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