Day One

It has been nearly five years since my doctor ordered me to stop all exercise, give up skiing and just basically stop. I tried other things for awhile then stopped completely last year with all the pain, the puking and other horrible things. It’s been only a few weeks since my last nasty bout with food. I’m doing much better but still have to ask stupid questions when food is offered to me. Also don’t do things like eat any more than a few bites of leafy greens. Large salads and plates of greens are bad. Very bad.

However, I’ve felt better than I have for a long time, relatively. So I decided to exercise and see how I do. I need to do something. I need to try. Since it’s looking like dieting is just a good way for me to get sick, I just need to move.

I also know I need something baby steppish. I found this program call Power 90. It’s baby P90x. I only made it through 20 min of the first day instead of all 35 min but I could keep up and do all the exercises. Hey, I can still touch my toes and it has the Tibetans.

I have royally messed up my shoulder though. Still I keep trying. If my crazy food deal doesn’t kill me, at least I’ve lost weight because of it. If I can get back into an exercise routine…well…just got to keep trying.

So day one in the good kind of pain. I figure that I will probably take longer than the 90 days for me to get through the program. I hope to eventually add weights.

Aia at least doesn’t have my metabolism. She started gaining weight, left off soda and it melted off. She doesn’t have to anything more than walk around. Sigh.

Did-did that halfling just hit me in the face with a pineapple??Order of the Stick






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