About 25+ years ago:

Me: Who’s Princess Grace?

My Mother: She was a princess who died. She was a princess of Monaco. She died in a car accident.

Me: Oh, Princesses shouldn’t drive.


Aia: Mommy, who’s princess Diana.

Me: She was a princess who died. She was a princess of England. She died in a car accident.

Aia: Oh, princesses shouldn’t drive.

Me: I guess not.

Aia: But mommy, I don’t think Wonder Woman can die.

Disturbing coincidences aside, my daughter confused the two Diana’s while I was listen to NPR. I don’t remember clearly why I asked my mother a similar question near the same age…but it’s one of the few times I remember talking to my mother about anything non-family related. I also asked her why my name wasn’t Cindy. Know I know it’s because it’s an ugly name, but when you’re seven any name sounds better than your own.

Nice thing about today…I remember why I used to think jeans were comfortable. And they are again. 🙂

You. Fetch me my copy of the Wall Street Journal. You two, fight to the death.Stewie






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