Dell Saga Continued…

So supposedly I’ll be getting my new new computer Monday. I say supposedly the same way you’d say, “well the world could end tomorrow, but I’ll buy the Cheetos anyway”.

Unlike when the new laptop (the XPS 1710) showed up out of the blue with no inkling of what I’d be getting, I have an actual order number this time, with a full list of stats. So I know several things, like this new new laptop will be an XPS 1730 (not quite Alien Ware but purported to be better), it’ll have less memory than the new laptop (2gigs instead of the 3-4 the 1710 reported randomly. Can you tell I have no plans to swap it.), duel 512mb video cards (holy crap, who cares about ram, video card drool.)

But then I can tell other, happy, things. Like it’s supposed to ship today, but hasn’t. It’s supposed to show up Monday, but it hasn’t shipped.

Right now I just want a damned working computer. It doesn’t help that I’ve been drowning in other machines, that aren’t mine to drown in. I finally dropped of the DGA machines. Aia’s machine needs to be hooked up again. My little Asus is happily chugging along. And I have brand not so new mac in the back of car, all ready to go to a little rug rat I know.

But all of these are sub-par to the machine I once had. My previous beast, the XPS M170, chugged along just fine for nearly three years. The m1710 made it a month and a half. If you a google search on xps m1710 replacement you’ll see a lot of folks had their M1710 crash around September / October of 2008. Interesting no?

Either way I’m sitting in Limbo. Sigh.

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