Desperate Gambles, Novels, and Sometimes They Remember

It’s been a tough week. Many thoughtless demands at work. I barely make enough to cover my bills; with child support I get my extra money for preschool, food and anything else. I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

So I decided to refinance. This week it all seemed to go wrong. I couldn’t pull out because they would cash a good faith check that would deplete all my preschool money. This would screw me big time. At the numbers did not look good, which would redirect my funds to mortgage, leaving none for preschool.

Now it looks okay. I close tonight. This will take care of one of my loans, give me extra money to put in the bank and give me a more secure loan than I had.

It will let me keep Aia in school; she needs to be there.
Today I realized I had more than one novel in me.

In fact, several of my ideas are being revamped to go in my word, the same as Ronyn, under a “Women of Fate” category. These are not all happy stories. However, they all fit.


One of the game invitations I got at the con came through. Yeah! In some ways miraculous, because the gm made the offer while a bit drunk. I gave my contact info when sober so it all worked out. So, in a couple weeks I have a weekly night game to attend. More fun.

The simplest questions are the hardest to answerNorthrop Frye






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