Did I see that?

Did I see the monkey?

On our way to Arizona May 2006, Aia and I were decided where to eat in DIA when a man passed us.  He stopped and pointed to Aia’s Schweetheart, a red monkey, “Look, I have a monkey too.”Ya know, I take a lot of photos with the plan to blog about stuff, but I always forget to upload them

I thought it was cute.  So did Aia.  So then I hear about Monkey Travelmonkeytravel.org from PoN and take a look at it.  It’s the same Monkey and he went to Portland in May.

I’ll probably never know for sure.

But I’m jumping on the bandwagon all over the place.  78 Images is almost ready to go live as is What Fuzz?, a Bear and Cat blog.  I’ve got some stomping to do over a the HOD and Silver Dragon’s site.  But lo they are slowly being hammered on. 

J. got me City of Heros.  He gets points on the present scale.  He may give few but so far he’s always gotten the right ones.  Since I’d rather get no presents rather than something I hate, J. gets all kinds of kudos and backrubs.

Back to writing.  Did I say that Mistaken was sent back out again?  It was.  Without honor is taking a while to refine chapter 6.  I’m stuck in one scene which needs so much more.

This weekend was PoN & Trygve’s anniversary party.  It was fun, confusing and there was pudding involved.  Let me say that they have the coolest house I have ever been in.  The lasagna was good.  J. had a good time though he b&m the whole time about going in his good natured way.  I found out later that he was giving people ideas on what to do with pudding.  It does seem natural that pudding is a frat boy tool.  I got see friends and meet new people.  The rocks were cool.  I love rocks. 

The house did not seem of this world at all.  We had conversations on that.

The CIA convened an open panel of scientists in January to discuss potential terrorist uses of life-science research, and the panel concluded that,despite the risks, openness in scientific study was absolutely crucial; in April, the CIA suppressed the panel’s conclusions on openness as classified.[Federation of American Scientists Secrecy News, 4-2-03]







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  1. Priestess Of Nothing Avatar

    That is really wild. I wonder if you saw THE monkey. VERY cool!!!

    (suddenly I have “It’s a small world” going through my head, and I blame you entirely.)

    See ya Saturday!!!

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