Disturbing use of the Sun Card

We’ve completed the Sephirot at Tarot Geeks, and have moved onto the paths. I have settled into studying the following decks while we do this…The Gill Tarot…one of the most excellent Kabbalah decks around; the Witches Tarot…pretty but I’m finding this unusable for reading the more I study; and the Fantasy tarot which is just for modern comparison.

First some thoughts on the path thus far. I won’t be logging thoughts in the same way I did for the Sephirot…I plan to follow Madonna Compton’s book “Archetypes on the Tree of Life” instead. Of course I don’t have a place to do this right now. My room is not done and won’t be until I’ve either paid off two of my debts or other things happen. So it may be awhile before you see any of this.

Yesterday though we did a mediation on the Sun card. Let me say that Resh, the path from Yesod to Hod has the most tenuous link to tarot yet. At most it is so shallow that it reminds me of an image where all the cards are nailed to the tree in their respective positions…but the sun card is loose and hanging upside down.

The mediation was a generic enter the card and get advice/item meditation. I choose to use the Sun card from Gill tarot. The card depicts a sun lad and a moon girl dancing on crystals. A metallic sun looks down on them. They are tied together by a rainbow mobius.

The meditation was more than disturbing. They were dancing too the screeching metallic sound that metal makes when force together. Happily they danced as the crystals cut their feet. I was offered a turn at the dance I was horrified that it would never end.

So says the truth card.

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