Do you Tanqueray?

The emotional roller coaster of this week had kept me on an adrenaline rush that will send me crashing to ground.

Rita is coming in. Cat 5, moving north last I check. I cannot bring myself to read too many more Katrina stories, good or bad. I just burst into tears. The effect this will have on the country is only really beginning to brew.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

The Iraqi constitution looks promising in some ways. However, in other, more frightening ways, it leaves it open for a dictatorship of Ayatollah proportions.

Well that would be on par for American’s track record for setting up foreign governments. What, one democratic success (kind of) out of 8 tries I can think of off hand? The biggest right-wing argument for the war now is, well at least they are free. How does that hold water if they loose the rights they had under a government we set up for them?

Work deadlines are pilling up. I’m taking my lunch now, though I haven’t for the last few days. I need a break. Do I look like Jesus to you? Not last I checked. For my trouble, they gave me a bottle of Tanqueray. (It was a throw away bottle, I work for a liquor distributor) The stuff is nasty and smells like Pinesol. On the bright side, it makes the house smell piney in a diffuser.

Breathing is a good thing.

Gah..I can’t think too much more right now. I’ve got to get back to work.

Notes: I’ve been working on other sites: has new products. Look at for mailing stuff. And nifty embroidered dice bags (this is my current design in progress. I’m working on it right now but my design stuff isn’t up yet 🙂

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