Doing Well…Nice to Say

Exercise has been near nill since the Kidney Stones. Two weeks ago I started doing Wii Fit yoga twice a week. This week I brought my Yoga dvd with me so I could do something. Besides swimming, hiking and walking…I manged three sessions of yoga at 1/4 modified. I feel pretty good.

I’m eating well even on vacation, but I’ve decided to tweak my diet a bit more. More fruit, and instead of processed protein, I’m going to include some pre-cooked chicken instead. The kidney stones played complete havoc on my diet. I went downhill a lot. But it was much easier to get back on track since. Even on this vacation I’ve been fairly good. Lavender Creme Brulee not withstanding.

So that’s were I’m at. Feeling good. I’ll check my weight went I get back. I expect gain…but we’ll see.

Otherwise I’m working on learning astrology. I’ve been consolidating my book of shadows from the random sprawl I’ve long kept to organized books. I’m almost done…that pretty exciting to have all my work at my fingertips. Now if I can just get that wallpaper down.

So that’s me right now…feeling good, doing better. All is good.

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