Dominican Lunch

So I’m here in the Dominican Republic. I can’t get to email…go fig…it goes to the Google Dominican site. They don’t offer gmail.

The leg of the trip took us to Miami. We took off late and watch some movie with James Garner. It was very said if a little vacant. After getting our bags we headed to the hotel. It was nice…their pool was cold. We ate at Bennigans…I asked for a chipotle burger in which they forgot the chipotle.

So after the not so hot burger we slept…then got up to get on the plane again. We had to wait for James’ sister but she’s in a wheel chairShe suffers from hypocondria, so we got to the head of the line right away.

We were in first class. Wow. Good food, drinks and attention. We left Aia’s gameboy on the flight though. Sigh.

Unlike Mexico, the Dominican is very manicured. Even the squalid has proper places in among the well tended grass and trees. The house where we are staying is like those late 19th century, early 20th century movies where they sit in their safe bunglow wallowing in the heat as the peasent die of cholera outside. I’ll have pictures.

We had dinner at the beach house…then sat by the pool. In the morning we played in the pool. The three waterfalls don’t work, but it is very nice.

Lunch at the Waterfront Cafe was excellent. Surrounded by the cove and mountains, the surf crashed high against the rocks as we at. We had the Dominican Lunch. It’s a national dish of chicken, spicy sauce, rice and beans. It’s hard to describe…curry without the aftertaste or paprikash without the paprika.

Then we slept. We’ll watch the Christmas Carol now. The coconuts are ripening and we may have Christmas mangos.

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3 responses to “Dominican Lunch”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Hope you’re having a fantastic time! We’re Wii’ing here 😉

  2. Michelle Avatar

    How was Sean’s reaction?

  3. The Dragon Queen Avatar
    The Dragon Queen

    Total Surprise! I really do hate that high-pitched squeal that kids to when they’re excited though.

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