So I go to check my mail today with the thought that I’d be checking it and then writing a note about my first bento day.

But in that ever-so-sneaky inbox was a note from one of the markets I had sent Sacred Space. They love it. They are still trying to decide whether to include it in one of the next three issues. It still might not make it but the fact that they acknowledged my work has been the greatest boost to the confidence monster yet. Think good thoughts folks…it could take them three months to decided…I hope they take it!

So anyway: Bento. The bento box is much smaller than I realized it would be…all the more good. Compartments range from 1/8 cup to 1 1/2cup at the most. Today I filled it with mango, tofu, trail mix and a 1/3 cup salad. I wasn’t too thrilled with hers…until we put her normal lunch in it. It fit very well.

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