Electron Quick Start: The next step is a jump.

After some long WTF moments  with Node.js, I’ve got stuff running.

Let me first clarify. For windows, once you have run the installer for Node.js, you open node.js command line as an Adminstrator. The using cd navigate to the following path:

C:\Program Files\nodejs\node-modules\npm

Next you want to type the following to make sure NPM is set up.

npm install npm -g

You should see some fancy scrolling while things are set up. Then a copy of the file structure.

Next you want Electron…so clone yourself some Electron Prebuilt. Then, using cd, navigate to that folder in the command line. Finally you can follow the excellent documentation there to type in what you need.

That took me all weekend.

Mainly because I had to figure out the path I needed to be in myself. Plus most of the blog posts are from before Node.js had an installer, so there is some archaic shit out there.

Now things are going much smoother. The APIs are easy to get to (an installer on the Electron site for windows, and in the App store for Mac).

If you haven’t done it, using GitHub desktop to clone is the best thing ever. I’ve been using it to work on my Fluffy template (more on that another time).

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