Entering a Card

My first serious study into meditation was Entering a Scene. Usually a card. This has become my favorite mediation. The method I learned was through the Hallowquest course. I’ve tried other systems: Buddhist, Hindu (only slightly different than B.), and guided. I found I don’t like these.

That Mary Greer included the entering a card meditation in her book Tarot for Yourself isn’t really a surprise. It’s reminded me that it existed in some ways. For example I forgot about the gift.

I need to compare the two versions I have of this meditation now. Here’s the note on a meditation I did using four cards.

Symbols that call to me.

Veiled HP

Skirt of Justice

Black Horse

Lantern of Hermit.

Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Black.

Entering the Hermit: It’s cold, the earth is cold. The man has begun to shiver. He keeps moving forward and pointing ahead, I hear the nomad, the rest is silence.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
…That’s all I can tell you. Once you get into cosmological shit like this, you got to throw out the instruction manual.Stephen King







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