Family Holiday Day

This was a good weekend. 
 I got a few things done, website wise (both this, 78images and Becca’s).  I found my book.  Played video games, spent time with the poohbunny, and spent time with J.  I had some trouble with the HOD calendar app.  I’m installing the news on the Hod site as well.

On Easter, J. came with me to the grandparents.  He was pretty quiet (of course) but seemed have a good time.  It was a pretty mellow holiday … summer like holidays are, we tend to disperse more.  That night my mom called and I found out that my aunt is planning to take the family to Mexico for her birthday next year.  That should be fun. I love Mexico and now that pooh bunny is older, it should be more fun.

I also have begun to get a weird feeling of trepidation.  I don’t know why things should be okay.  I’ve made lists…I’m not missing anything.  However, this is that feeling a get when things are going well.  It’s like a giant bell ringing in my ears.  It’s what I got before college (and the beginning of every semester), it’s what I get on good interviews.  It’s what I get when things are changing. 

I could turtle but I know from experience this is a bad idea.  I’ve got to move head and keep watch.

Let’s hope it’s a good change.

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