Five Things You Don’t Know About Me

I tag everyone who reads this…cause I can.

1. I have an Aunt no one…as far as I know…talks to. Just before my grandfather died she apparently wrote horrible letters to my entire family. I never saw them. Asking my dad about it not only makes him mad but can drive him to tears. I kept in touch with her for awhile…but eventually my letters were returned to me. None of it makes any sense. As far as I know she’s in North Carolina…she works for a Hotel, and appears on TV talk shows from time to time. The latest picture I have of her is with blondish hair. Any time she comes up…everyone is really sad. She was a big part of our lives before this…no one seems to know what happened.

2. I did not participate in gym until the 4th grade. I sat out a lot because my legs and hips hurt. They still do from time to time but not as much.

3. I can dislocate my hip at will. It’s bizarre and isn’t as useful as doing the same with your shoulder.

4. I’ve rebuilt several attractions in Summit County. Both in Girl Scouts and as a YCC member.

5. I went to a preschool that featured man eating hogs and tire pits. And I still know one other person that went…I can possibly find another.

Each place has its own advantages – heaven for the climate, and hell for the society.Mark Twain






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