Five Year Fantasy

Exercise from Mary Greer’s Tarot for Yourself.

The Date Five Years Hence is: March 17, 2012

Position 1: The Me Creating the Fantasy
5 Swords

Major Accomplishment
8 wands
3 pentacles

9 pentacles
Ace of Chalices

10 of Chalices

9 Wands
9 Chalices

6 Wands
2 Chalices

9 Swords


Love and Sex
3 Chalices

7 Wands

Money and Power
5 Chalices
8 Chalices
The Wheel

Your Ideal Self
6 Chalices

Dear Friend,

It’s been five years and my life has changed dramatically.

Home life is open and loving…I’ve been in a happy stable relationship for some time. My daughter is happy and thriving. I haven’t been spending much time learning a variety of things but I have been concentrating heavily on writing. It came to me that I want to be creative more than anything else.

I’ve been making my own art and writing fantasy. No one questions this anymore! I’ve been very successful at it. As you know I had to buy and new car, take out a separate consolidation loan and put in a new floor all in quick order. But soon I was hired on full time and given a hefty raise. Then my writing started to sell…those debts are long gone now.

I am calm and collected now. I meditate everyday, exercise…I’ve lost so much weight! I get to write everyday, read and play with my daughter, and then spend a good night with the SO. We get to travel and have fun. What more could a woman want?

Things have gone well.

This is bigger than our experience.Loki







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