For all the hoary masses….

AWOL to put it mildly. Things have not gone as planned and have taken a further turn for the worst with the great stomach rebellion of 2007. The weekend started off well. We got up early on Saturday and drove to McDonald’s for Pooh Bunny party goodness.

Aia got out of the car…I started to then notice I was parked cock-eyed. With Aia safely on the sidewalk I straightened out the car.

Then she started jumping up and down.

I opened the door to, “Flat Tire Mom!!!”. Sure enough the rear passenger tire was flat. Not loosing air…not a lit out of air, but flat.

I then proceeded to ignore it…as it was time for party. It took a bit to round up everyone for this McDonald’s had a mysterious back room just for parties and a disturbing image of a girl looking down through the ceiling that gave you the impression you were in one giant happy meal.

The chicken nugget analogy was not lost on us.

Only 6 parents stayed for 13 kids. Luckily all the kids were good. For all of McDonald’s faults, they do parties well. Extra toys and hats for all the kids. Then play time while the food is being prepared, full on happy meals then a really good cake.

Of course this didn’t count that the girl ditched us halfway through, they lost my deposit, and couldn’t remember how much to charge me (I got a discount in the end). Overall though, the party itself was good. That’s what counts.

So then came the problem of the tire. M. and I wanted to do shopping so she whisked of A. and Aia to her house to wait for me.

A really nice man helped me change it. I could have done it but he had gloves and was very nice. I had to turn away the other guy. So we got it changed and I took it to the dealership where they fixed it for free.

Back at M.’s we sat for a bit, I let J. know we were going to be late. We hit B&N then Petsmart. We took A. to the grandma’s as he was about ready to collapse. Then we hit Target.

Where I found the perfect wine rack, which they did not tell me they did not really have until after they charged me. This took two hours to fix. With a bad phone call later I found no Targets have it. In fact, every single Target in Colorado ONLY has a display and no actual wine rack for sale.

No, they won’t sell the floor model.

So if you see a buffet sized cabinet with two drawers on the bottom, shelves on one side and a wine rack on the other actually for sale…please let me know.

So M. pleads bedtime…and I don’t blame her…we go back to her place I get my stuff while Aia plays her game. But on the way back we almost hit a guy…who thought that playing chicken in black on the dark part of 84th would be fun. I swerved, missed him, and then stopped the car. He ran way laughing.

Shaken and tired we got home. I put away the groceries and went to bed. Sunday was much more relaxed. I cleaned, cooked tortilla soup, went to the TGIO which was great, is small.

Monday was migraine city.

Tuesday included puke for lunch.

Wednesday I was just queasy. I’m still queasy but at work.

So I missed Japanese and Dnd has been canceled till after the 1st and M had to bow out for the week (which was good cause I was sleeping) and I’m still going to make writer’s tonight.

Jaa Mata

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    Sorry for passing on the pukes. 🙁


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