I make it a point to try something new (or at least get something I don’t get often) every shopping trip. Most of the time it’s cheeses. As summer roles around I try various fruit. Last year it was orange and yellow tomatoes. This time I bought an asian pear.

Oh num.

This little round yellow pear, individually packaged in it’s own cozy is so delish! It tastes like a sweet dry wine. It’s not squishy but very wet.


Then I bought some Butter Toffee Rice Cakes. I’m not a big carmel fan, but toffee always makes me a happy girl.


On the writing side, I did write Tuesday night. I got halfway through chapter 1 revision. I want to get down what the beta’s said before moving on to chapter 6. Then I’ll write from Ronyn’s pov until I’m done. Then I’ll go back to Lukaus. Yesterday I finished chapter 1. I plan to work on chapter 2 tonight after a bit of book stuff and shade practice.

Speaking of Shade, I finally got to the part of the tutorial where you rotate the lines. That is so cool. I know I must be behind on the whole modeling thing (big time, way out of practice), but I’ve only done booleans and graphting shapes together. The idea of twirling two lines around a shape was awesome. I could get really abstract with that….did that just come out of my mouth? I started playing with backgrouds in Shade & the shaders. I really like the shader’s so far but I’m not sure about the background generator.

Yesterday I went to Jenny Craig. Just to look. It was way out of my price range. I looked at weigh watchers. It seems way too loose to deal with. Oh well. The lady their was nice though.

Oh! Tarotpedia is linking to some of my tarot reviews! That’s so cool! I love finding that people link to my website.

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