Fun with Painting

I’m still having trouble with eyes.

I blended the hell out of my latest mini…and it’s looking good…but now that I’m down to the eyes I’m more than frustrated. It’s hit or miss with the eyes right now, But a few things have really helped me along with the rest of the process.

If you’re gonna blend you should have a wet palette. I’ve been using ceramic palettes for a long time but I might have just weaned myself from them. You can buy premade wet palettes. These are usually plastic (I’ve seen wood) containers with foam in the paint slots. A lid is provided to cover the palette so that the paint doesn’t dry.

I just bought a paint bin…it was a dollar at hobby lobby. Basically it’s a plastic bin which has holes for brushes around it’s rim, a side for water with a corragated bottom, and a side to lay brush in either just cause or to soak them. It has an inset lit which opens into a palette. I took some of the multitude of foam that comes with mini’s, cut a large piece to fit and I have a great wet palette. I have a handy water bottle for wetting it.

Next I squirt a bit of paint in strategic places on the foam. I think drop some water on that. Suddenly I can save my paints till the next session, get dry brushing and washes from the same palette and blend on the palette without the paint drying. When I’m done I either wash the foam out, or put a drop of water on each paint splotch and close the lid. The paint is ready for the next time. Isn’t that cool?

This doesn’t help the eye situation though.

I’ve been playing in Vue more and I actually finished an image!

There Upon the Horizon

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
I used to be amused by Utopians. With life experience, I have grown to fear them. The great failing of Utopians is that they can never accept that someone else might not want to be a part of their utopian vision. Like ill-mannered tourists, they assume that if you don’t agree with them, it must be because they’re not explaining it simply enough, or often enough, or loudly enough, or ultimately, because you’re stupid. Utopians always think achieving Utopia is simply a matter of education—and then re-education—and then coercion, legislation, litigation medication conditioning threats book-burnings eugenics surgical modifications hunting down the counter-revolutionaries killing the reactionaries genetic engineering—and ultimately all Utopians, no matter how nobly they begin, always end up at the same conclusion: that the only thing that keeps Man from building a secular heaven here on Earth is the nature of Man, therefore we must build a New and Better Man.The Ranting Room






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  1. Heartburn Home Remedy Avatar
    Heartburn Home Remedy

    This topic is quite trendy in the net right now. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write about?

  2. Michelle Avatar

    I write about whatever is on my mind.

    I am having trouble painting eyes on small minis. Therefore I write on it. Trends don’t really worry me.

    Why be shallow and follow trends? Sometimes my interests coincide with trends. Most times they don’t.

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