Gathering – An Update

So Tarot Geeks has been going really well. We’ve finished up the sepheroth with a review and a coloring of the tree. Next it’s the four worlds and Hebrew letters.

Overall Kabbalah is a deep and enriching system…just not mine. It’s not my world view. But worth the look. I feel like I did when I studied Wicca. It’s just not for me.

At home the cleaning continues. I have an altar area now. But nothing is set up. As soon as I get to the the upstairs shelves I’ll be doing the whole upstairs. I figure that it will send me upstairs about around the l’s or m’s in my books.

In the meantime spot rituals have been conducted on my night stand and in the small deity altar I’ve setup above the fire place. So far so good.

Sewing is on my mind…I’ve found everything I just need to set in the right place. My sewing box is in bad shape and apparently Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry them any more. I still have my little one…but I need something for the odds and ends and thread and yarn…that little kitties can’t get into. Sigh.

A friend wants setup a circle…I’m interested…should be neat. I haven’t had anything since Fort Collins like this, so I’m kind of excited. Lots to plan though.

Lastly…I’m nearing the end of a long project. My book of shadows is almost complete…as in usable over and over again. A few more files and I’ll start indexing. Yeah! It took me five years to do this how I wanted. It was a long project.

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    The Dragon Queen

    We have a fourth very interested right now… I’ll tell you more later.

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