Get Rich Quick vs. Following the Dream

Since a few people have asked. No, I don’t expect to get rich quick. I expect to make a living. While these are not mutually exclusive, I am not imbibing any liquids for the religious experience.

I am, however, about to follow my dream. And I’m pretty happy about that.

Plan update:

So here’s the game plan.

Decided to quit and become a writer full time. X

Tell work so they have time to hire someone else who I can train. X

Update and re-design my website – in process

Put aside a 1 – 2 paycheck buffer so I can pay myself on the same schedule – 3/4 of the way there.

Update and change insurance – Waiting for underwriting to finish.

Update business cards – in design phase…on slight hold because of article publishing times.

Clean up the “room of no return” and get my office in order – Cans are being moved now. With my mind…okay I’ve started this.

Get a tax savings account

Sell that house – End of January!

Get articles started for newest venture.

Make my minimum for the first venture.

Get articles done for second venture. (Ha! No all my eggs are not in one basket).

The rulebooks never say that players earn XP for finding ways to imply the other guys at the table might be gay, but you would never know this from observing their behavior.DM of the Rings







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