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So yesterday I decided to be a comment whore and fill up open thread #44 at
Making Light.
What can I say? Elric, Depp, Bowie and MJ oh my!

I still think MJ in a black Victorian dress would make a good Jherek.

So being the nerd goddess I am, I wandered over to slash dot. Wil Wheaton finally answered some questions posted to him (last year?). It’s nice to seem him doing good. Heartwarming comes to mind, but that’d be sappy. Read it here.

However I am going to quote him for my random quotes over at the Thoughts link.

I’m debating going back to graphical buttons and Titles. Okay maybe not titles, but my site seems boring.

What content…oh I’ll get more up. I discovered the Beast will run Shade and Painter, so I’m getting a slightly more portable wacom for it. Still need to clean the poser files (a little each day) and a little more room off Beast, an off we go!

In latest bout of governmental stupidity (not counting Monkey Boy’s speech the other night) the Supreme Court ruled that local governments can take away private land for commercial reasons.

So now that you don’t really own your land anymore a few Californian developers have decided to put this into practice on “Justice David Souter’s New Hampshire farmhouse and turn it into a hotel.”

Go Team!

The point is this is one of the most important irrevocable economic decisions we will ever make. Let’s make it in a state of panic.Stephen Colbert


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