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I’ve made the second WW goal. Which means I’m at a total of 10lbs loss. I’ve been her before….hopefully I’ll get past that.

For some reason Hypothyroidism and PCOS have a lot of hypochondriac glommers on. I hate going to PCOS and thyroid boards and lists. There is some crap being slug around by idiots it’s unfathomable. Let me give you some straight dope.

You can’t diagnose yourself. If you have the symptoms of either disease…talk to your doctor.

Take your pills. If it does not seem to be working…don’t stop…talk to your doctor. You may need different pills, a higher dose or something else maybe wrong. Asking to see your tests is just fine…but posting them on the internet so that some random nurse can tell you they are not right is stupid. If doctor is telling you something you don’t want to hear like you may have depression…you should talk to your doctor about it. There is no one fix for these problems…and you may have others. I can’t stress this enough…TALK to your doctor. If they said it must be depression…did you ask what can be done about it?

Do you live in the US? Do you eat green leafy vegetables or fruit? Do you drink tap water (filtered or not)? Do you eat meat? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you DON’T need iodine supplements. The same goes for iron. In a multivitamin…fine…but unless you have a disorder that requires the supplements (ie talk to your doctor).

Going from doctor to doctor to get them to prescribe you pills you only think you need makes you look like an idiot. If you are thinking of looking for a new doctor ask yourself the following: Why? Did I talk to him/her about the problem I’m having with them? What did they say? Do they talk to me at each visit? Why am I angry? Have I explored all possibilities with this doctor? Have I tried what they suggested? If answered no to any of these perhaps you should try them.

Don’t dose yourself. Follow the doctor’s dosage. If have concerns about the dosage talk to your doctor. Take more or less because you feel like it can kill you.

Exercise…you have to exercise. Live with it.

Balance your diet. Give up most if not all sugar…live with it.

Finally if your doctor tells you your thyroid is fine or that you don’t have PCOS…ask why, discuss your tests with him or her. If you really have something wrong then talk to them about it.

Doing research is fine…but unless you are a real doctor you really can’t just dose this away yourself. It does not go away. Deal. It takes up to 8 weeks for thyroid and PCOS medications to start to take affect. Trying to change things in less then a week is stupid. This takes time. There is no wonder drug.

If you can’t handle any of what you just read…you might need therapy. Seriously…did you find yourself rejecting everything or anything I just said? Talk it out with a professional.

I thought I was going mad before getting on Sythroid. I still felt tired, lost hair and though I could keep my weight steady…it took way too much work to get it off. Turns out I have PCOS. So now I’m on metformin and the synthroid (same dosage since first prescribed) I can say I feel great now…and that I’m loosing weight just with dieting. I know that once I get into a good exercise routine I will feel even better and loose more weight. Had I listened to the half the crazies on the web I’d still be in trouble. This isn’t that hard folks…talk to your doctor.


I’ve managed to start the outlines for both the modules. I’ve got some good ideas…. These games should be lots of fun.

I bought a copy of Supernotecard. It seems to be working great for keeping my notes. I’m almost done with gathering them all up then back to writing the novel. I should have the registration code soon…just waiting for paypal to clear.

A person in danger should not try to escape at one stroke. He should first calmly hold his own, then be satisfied with small gains, which will come by creative adaptations.I Ching


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