Ghengis 2007

Serenity went awesome. There will be some character changes in the next one. I promise not to traumatize any more martial artists. Pimping is up to the players.

I have a few other ideas for games as well…lets see how many I can write for TacticonBencon is still an unknown factor at this time..

I saw PoN, WN and Niki. All seemed to be having fun. Wendy picked up a new addiction. Should interesting.

Aia got some horse cards called Bella Sara. They include an online game with each card. Perfect for the princess.

J. and I were both under the weather, still we had fun. The Pulp interactive was great, though I felt a little lost. My fault, I should have been more up on what was going on instead of waiting for them to tell me.

Greyhawk had issues. I’m glad I don’t play, makes it so much easier to gm.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Snow Covered Pug:

Since the soul in me is dead, Better save the skinArchpoet (Trans. Helen Waddell)



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