Go Around the Bush Boy

Friday started out with a Girl’s Night Out at El Senor Sol’s.

I have to say the food was pretty good, the conversation excellent and the margaritas huge. It was a good night…the place closed and didn’t even kick us out right away. Lol. It was nice get to know some of the ladies that I see up to three times a year and sometime more. One the gal’s I knew from a couple years back showed up too. It was a good night.

Saturday was Writer’s group and just about everyone showed up. It was great to see two of the gals who had been absent for awhile. Made me want to start up Cat’s Blog again…I reserved the accounts but I still have to think on it.

Then I went to J.’s. We stayed up4:30 late late talking and watching movies. Another good night.

Sunday was a Pulp gameday. Misty came over with A. and I took him and Aia to the park. They ran like crazy. A. is a little wacko 3 year old. He ran down the sidewalk scream that he was bronco fan, stopped for every bug to explain how his mommy would treat it and tried to keep Aia from running ahead. We had grilled burgers and I took a nap while J. pound pulp characters into, well, pulp.

It was a good weekend. It ended with me curled in bed reading Howl’s Moving Castle, then some books to Aia, then sleeping. I’m pretty sure Aia ran up the phone bill.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
So I took them home, cursed and snarled until the perforations-that-weren’t forced me to gut the package like a deer carcass, and I tried out the “quietest pouch” which was indeed so whisper-silent that if I were a ninja, and I was bleeding vaginally, I would accept no other brand. Of course, were I a vaginally-bleeding ninja, I would have bigger problems to worry about. Like the fact that I would likely have forebrain-searing turquoise hair and horrifically inflated breasts.Naamah99
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