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Goals in 2022

I know, resolutions were due nearly 3 months ago.

If you’re like me with an ever revolving list of things to do with items that I just want to get done, then you know that finding time is such an issue. So is practice. Last year was bad. So bad that I just threw myself into work. I accomplished somethings but not any of the creative things I wanted to do.

What I did in 2021

  • Helped launch Metaphysical Times, running the website & layout design until it was sold this year.
  • Created the logo and website for The Egyptian
  • Did a bunch of websites for groups and shops around Idaho Falls
  • Travel to the Dominican Republic
  • Get even more surgeries (is that a goal? pretty sure no)
  • Work a lot, but nothing creative there

What I didn’t do

Anything much creative. Or writing. A little painting and drawing, but mostly I played video games. My personal life is non-existent except for some bad decisions in the summer of last year. While I was doing things, I wasn’t very happy what I was doing. I wasn’t creating. I need to create something.


You can read my last post on what actually changed to make change possible. Now I’ve spent the last two months working on a schedule and slowly building on it until the things I want to do are actually happening. And the best part? It’s doable. There is still things I’m working on doing and adding but it’s slow. I’m not writing 1000 words a day right now. Baby steps is the excuse I’m going with.

So I guess here’s my schedule at least on the participatory scale. Other days I’m reserving for painting, writing time, other games, small social life, etc.

Monday – Blog Post

Wednesdays – Arting/Writing/Coding Twitch Steam

Thursdays (starting this week) – No Man’s Sky Twitch Stream

Saturday – New YouTube Video

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