God of Fear and Death

The god of death walks up to you and says if you don’t worship me you will be tortured endlessly when you die. If you do then I’ll let you continue to exist without pain.

When I think about gods, I’m thinking about crazy powerful beings which have way better things to do then grant wishes and guide us. In fact, if a god or goddess is looking your way and sticking their finger in the soup of life, you’d be better off running for the hills.

I don’t have relationship with gods. That’s bat-shit crazy in my book. I know other people do it. That’s fine. You have your go.

That’s why, when people praise Yahweh I wonder some silly thoughts. Yahweh offers what exactly? You have to love him, worship him and only him. And what does that get you? If you don’t do it you burn forever…or, as some Christian believe, you all end up in heaven with everyone else who has been forgiven by Jesus Christ and are suddenly better people.

This is all when you die. It doesn’t actually affect your life. Okay I know some folks say it does..just in making you a better person. I guess.

My point, I guess, is why follow someone who tells you worship me or else? Can you honestly say that fear of death doesn’t play a role in this? If some one walked up to you and said be my friend or I’ll tie you up and torture you…would you do it? I’d fight this person with everything I have. Would you submit and hope to get out later?

Why worship a god of death unless you feared him? And who are you who would worship the god of death out of love?

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