Goodbye Pegasi

All hail the Thunderbird!

After 10 years with my favorite email client, Pegasus, I finally gave that baby a rest. It was limping along on my xp workhorse, panting and even stalling. Sometimes it forgot where it was. It was time to go.

I was given Pegasus in the welcome package to the University of Northern Colorado (the other UNC) as a freshmen. I loved it and faithfully used for the past 10 years. I loved every new version and ease of use. As well as the freebieness of it all.

But I am a Mozilla whore. I’m a Corel whore too, but yiou can go look at my updates for that.

So I have switched to Thunderbird. Yah me! I took awhile to find a way to keep my archives, but it was possible. Mailbag helped a lot. I’ll miss my old nag even if she’s not dead, (she’s not, a new release of Pegasus is scheduled within the year).


Okay don’t get too excited:

The Tools page(Corel Whore Alert) and the disclaimer have been updated. Recipes has been replaced with wordpress. The old recipes have been moved into it, new ones to come. All of my wordpress has been updated. Pagan Book Study is now voting for a new book. We are finishing up “To Ride a Silverbroom Stick” and starting “Postive Magic” by Marian Weinstien. We are polling for another new book as well. Come Join!

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