Gracie Goose’s Last Day

Today, Gracie Goose died.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, then you’ve probably heard me talk about Goose. She was born in a horse barn, mom and the rest of the litter trampled by horses. She had a bunch of diseases, no hair, and her stomach was so distended, her feet did not touch the ground.

That’s how she started life.

She was crazy. very ungraceful, demanding, and lovable.

This year she started loosing weight. Kidney problems, liver problems, thyroid problems. Finally today we were told she has intestinal cancer. And it was time. She was a ratty cat. My last cat. And today she died. I knew it was coming, this last week it seemed like I knew. I bought bottle of milk and let her have that for her meals. Anything to get her to eat. I’ll miss her on my neck and hip. Her jabby paw in my eye.

Goodbye Gracie Goose.

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