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It is always nice to get things done and yes I did do that.

Head over to DAWSP (see link above), to see the Denver Area Writer’s Support Project. I meet with a writing group every Saturday. We’re pretty laid back but always accepting new members. You can join the yahoo list, but it is pretty quiet (mostly for announcements and to see whose coming next week). If you’re in the Denver area come see us! We picked a good central spot, 32nd & Lowell. Don’t say it’s too far; we have members in east Denver (past Aurora, if you must know), south Denver and even Boulder. Feel free to join in. Oh and if you’re shy about writing don’t worry, we don’t require submissions.

I did see Harry Potter and just as I thought, it was the best so far. This director knew what he was doing. He cut out the niggling details and stuck the plot (what plot in a movie, god forbid!). Go see it, be prepared for a Tim Burtonesque experience. I wish we could turn back time and have him do the last two movies.

I’m jumping up and down waiting for The Sims to get arrive in the mail. Oh I already have The Sims, but I bought the mega double deluxe version, The Sims with three expansions for the price of the original game. I still want the other three expansions but hey this will keep me busy for a while yet. 🙂

Painter is supposed to arrive in the same package. I’ve been scouring the net for tutorials and cautions. I’ve downloaded the manual and have started to read it. God help us all.

I know you people are waiting for the graphics to be up. I did play with Bryce this weekend, and besides being peeved at the useless tutorials in the Shamm’s book (I know I should have given up when I did the cube tutorial, but I refuse!) I have started on two new images. The pointless ribbon tutorial really got me. I build the bridge (good thing I knew how, he doesn’t tell you) loaded the ribbon path, then placed duplicates of the bridge a long the path….that was it folks, no secret no point. I skipped the how to make a person tutorial…only good for abstracts or robots and on to building a temple….just need nvwas now. 🙂

We’ll see if I get to uploads tonight….or if The Simms comes…hehe.

Other than that more titles fun. Web design and reviews now have matching titles.

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