Green Valley Ranch HOA Fees: A Letter

I could not make the meeting as I had to stay home with my daughter. But I would like to voice my concerns over the raise in HOA fees for Green Valley Ranch.

Your letter states that you are acquiring new landscaping and must raise fees accordingly. However you are also tacking on unpaid late fees, violation fees, and extra administration fees that do not fall under this new landscaping. Also you lied to Fox News, saying that this was because we voted against raising taxes…which we did because we cannot afford them. You failed mention that you acquiring new land and that you have repeatedly failed to take care of other landscaping needs.

Which make me wonder why you believe we can afford this? Simply because we can’t.

This association has been a joke from the beginning. We have had no choice in the matter. You’re job consists of telling us what to do and frankly $55.00 has been too much for that when you can’t get your own records straight; something I myself have been a victim of over 3 times. Now you include landscaping costs with a record that is spotted with dead trees, overgrown grass and leaky sprinkler systems even before ¾ of the new housing developments have been built.

On top of this you expect people to come up with the money shortly after Christmas. $218.00 per household is a lot. Expecting it all or nearly all at once is ludicrous. Why no payment plans? What of those sections which do pay a monthly fee like the bunglows?

You need to do two things:

Remove extraneous costs like late fees and violation fees. If you failed to collect on them that is your problem.

Come up with a payment plan.

I live in the income capped section of Green Valley Ranch. I was happy to buy a home here and see a community grow. I’m sorry that you feel that we must pay more to line pocket books. If you haven’t noticed you have a vote of no confidence with me. I do not believe you will use the money as intended. Your “budget” states this itself.

Michelle Norton

Here’s the link to the fox news story. That’s my neighbor Donna. Go girl!

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2 responses to “Green Valley Ranch HOA Fees: A Letter”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Hey! I live in GVR too. We didn’t get that letter? Hmmmm. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Michelle Avatar

    You didn’t get the letter at all? hrm…did you get the new one with the bogus forclosure figures?

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