Groups that Go…an Aside on Schools

So Aia isn’t going to the school I thought she was going too…the border is two inches to our left…and therefore out of bounds…now I have to go register at another school…sigh.

Writer’s Meetup is becoming an awesome group…by December we’ll have it pared down to the essentials.

All is so good. The writing is great and so is the discussion. We have more time for reading next month. This is should be sweet.

I’m making sure to choose exercises that a person can apply to their work in progress. I need to learn how to limit critique time. It took a year to get to this point and I’m excited.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
The first clue that you’ve played too many video games comes when you realized that you just tried to turn the square in Tetris so it will fit.T.



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