Hallowquest Lesson 12

05/04/2001 3:40pm

We plan to go to a movie tonight..mummy returns. This will be Aia’s first time with a baby-sitter, it scares me.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Grail Six
Guide: Stone Queen
Teacher: The Sleeping Lord

This reading has been very prophetic in coralation with my meditation today. Resurrection of ancestral bond to the land and change.

Meditation: The Cauldron
The ancestor was a scared melting man, he fate for eternity. Around him I heard whispers and murmurs. At first all I could make out was “run”. But it came to be:

Dark is the soul
That runs with the river.

The cauldron pulsated black and gold. My hand dipped in a turned gold but I clapped and broke the gold off. The gift was a gold oak leaf. This is what I have on oak leaf: It burns to purify.

Hallowquest Lesson 12
05/08/2001 10:04am

I started looking for childcare today and froze my credit cards. I plan to get some bryce work done today. I plan to restart my traditional tarot studies tomarrow. Perhaps I’ll get the next lesson done for the graphics art course too.

Daily Reading: Ninefold Sisters Reading
1. The Energizer: Sword Knight
2. The Measurer: Grail Knight
3. The Protector: The Flowering of Logres
4. The Initiator: Taliesin
5. The Challenger: Grail Eight
6. The Deliverer: The Wounded King
7. The Weaver: The Green Knight
8. The Preserver: The Spiral Tower
9. The Empowerer: Spear Four

It seems I’m not reacting fast enough. The Sword Knight is a fast reaction card. My imagination is my limitation represented by the Grail Knight. I think perhaps I put things off too long. The puzzle is in the flowering of logres…are my projects only protected when they are finished and realized? I suppose that would be true as untill then they could always be changed. Taliesin…it seems I am always led back to the past and spiritual these seem to be the key to all that I do. The eight imediatly reflects how I am challeged by my lack (or strange) organization skills. It seems my challenge is to continue with what I am doing instead of leaving it by the wayside. Another puzzle…perhaps I need to liberate myself of so many trappings of the material but that seems too easy an answer…? In conjunction with the green knight I see that my own mind needs the liberating, and the wounded king is showing the way through meditation and enlightenment. These will release the creativity I lack? Ah here I think by letting go of my past misconceptions and traditions and creating new I will come to realize my ideas, I find this particularly interesting in relation to my website in which I am embracing new standards and dropping old ways of doing things. Many people disagree with this. Again four suggests meditation and coming to terms with myself and spirituality. A good root to start with.

I used to be amused by Utopians. With life experience, I have grown to fear them. The great failing of Utopians is that they can never accept that someone else might not want to be a part of their utopian vision. Like ill-mannered tourists, they assume that if you don’t agree with them, it must be because they’re not explaining it simply enough, or often enough, or loudly enough, or ultimately, because you’re stupid. Utopians always think achieving Utopia is simply a matter of education—and then re-education—and then coercion, legislation, litigation medication conditioning threats book-burnings eugenics surgical modifications hunting down the counter-revolutionaries killing the reactionaries genetic engineering—and ultimately all Utopians, no matter how nobly they begin, always end up at the same conclusion: that the only thing that keeps Man from building a secular heaven here on Earth is the nature of Man, therefore we must build a New and Better Man.The Ranting Room






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