Hallowquest Lesson 16

05/31/2001 10:27pm

More paking and getting ready. We are getting very excited!

Daily Reading: Tarot Compaions
Experience: Stone Four
Guide: Sword Maiden
Teacher: Lady of the Lake

An opportunity has persented itself and is seems we should “share the wealth”. We did find to 2000 pesos notes, if they are worth it we can do anything in mexico next week. But we still do not know if they can be used. If so we should share.

Meditation: Sword Hallow
I flew through a great battle of life, and saw that it was made of all the small things that makes life worthwhile. I took up the sword and accepted it’s wound for the pain is worth the price of life.

The Augury of the Sword of Life

1. Stone Six – Discriminating by wealth, a harsh deal. But against those that don’t share with those in need is a concious discrimination. I feel it is better to share and I hope that I do.

2. Grail Maiden – Am I too servicable? I don’t understand…perhaps I put my hopes in the wrong place.

3. Spear Three – I need to follow through and trust my intuition. I lake the ability to do this sometimes.

4. Stone Nine – It is better that I spread art and aestetic pleasure. When I concentrate there I do good in the world.

5. The Grail Hermit – Wisdom and spiritual, am I this to others? Do I serve as example rather than by activity? Am I better in my own contemplation?

Meditation: Augury
I went to the hermit and asked him for an augury, he guestered towards the fire which became the fire of stone six. I walked into it and became the flame, shooting to the sky through the forest, past the maiden, burning her to a cinder. I dispursed and became one with all nature, coloring the universe and making things beautiful. I swooped down to the hermit and found myself looking back, smiling.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
One day I’m gonna live in a town where evil curses are just generally ruled out without even saying it.Buffy






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