Hallowquest Lesson 19

07/03/2001 1:31pm

1. My work. It seems I have no time to put life in it. Even the Spear Maiden just looks at me blankly and tells me to force devote time to it.

2. My own creativity.

3. Webpages, it combines my love of computer graphics with my love of writing.

4. Visualization.

Daily Spread: Tarot Companions
Experience: Spear Hallow
Guide: Stone King
Teacher: Grail Hermit

I am starting a new project, mini boxes. I have been wondering if I should ask my dad for advice about this and the best way to go about it. This reading seems to confirm it.

Meditation: Spear Maiden, Spear Two, Spear Three
I followed the spear the maiden cast. I flew over the path I must take. The falcon is forsight. The two men were the rich and the corporate, laughing at me. I dreamt of danger but that if I come through all will be good.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
It’s kind of you to kidnap me.Eeyore






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