Hallowquest Lesson 20

07/11/2001 9:22pm

I’ve been lazy about the hallowquest of late. Doing things at the last minute. I never seem to have time. I hope to do better as because of my laziness I have a long meditation tonight.

Meditation: Prydwen & Concuring Spread: Reading of the Seven Caers

Points of the meditation:
I let everything go in this meditation. I tried to free myself of imposed restrictions. I found the glass key of initiation and found it hot to hold but knew that I must carry it in my hands no matter the burn. My gift of Prydwen was a bag with my cards. Remember to use them he said.

1. The Spiral Tower
2. The Round Table
3. Grail Hallow
4. The Cauldron
5. The Grail Hermit
6. Merlin
7. Grail Seven

This hidden thing in this reading shows me a reality which I have a hard time ahering to. I need to buckle down, coverge my ideas and deal with the reality rather than fantasizing what could be if I do…well whatever. I have all this imaginative energy that I could use if I just did. I am trying to, but I understand that I’ve be spread thin and therefore finding excuses not to.

The greatest truths are the simplest, and so are the greatest menA.W. Hare






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