Hallowquest Lesson 23

08/03/2001 8:40pm

I’ve fallen behind again. I haven’t been doing any tarot stuff over the last week, except for a few daily spreads. Changed computers, aia has her first tooth. Boy I need to bust my ass.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Grail Five
Guide: Sword King
Teacher: The Moon

This one is a mystery for to me. Is this for another person or does it follow what will happen tomarrow at Chip & Denise’s wedding? It seems like an elder will give advice but it will not be followed because the person is unwilling to admit to themselves their problems. I can think of one person right now who is in this situation but I’m not sure this spread means him.

1. I try to plant and keep the earth growing. I try to cut down on waste.

2. That my friendships aren’t like the used to be.

3. My religion. It is best defended by talking to others about all religions in comparison.

Meditation: Spear Queen, Spear Six, Spear Seven
I spoke to the queen, I told her about my friend and my problems with his actions. She said her spear gave the wound that destroyed friendships and if two people could find the spear in there life together than they may be saved. She lead me to the standerd of Spear Six, it had sun silloetted a family group. Seven was less cheerful, the people there were hungry and weak, hiding from life itself.

Some countries have leaders who don’t have osteoporosis.Trever Noah
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