Hallowquest Lesson 25 and 26

08/16/2001 6:18pm

Today: Ais was so happy today, but I’m so exhausted! Today is our anniversary, yet I still feel like today isn’t so special, that I’m saving for saturday. I plan to do the basics of two lessons today, being very behind.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Spear Seven
Guide: Sword King
Teacher: Cauldron

The cards seem to tell me that the only way to not be so tired is to tackle my projects head on and that healing will come with compleation. Sometimes I do let my tiredness take over.

Meditation: Spear King, Spear Nine, Spear Eight, The Sun
I forged a quicksilver sword inset with purple jewels. I was so proud of it and letting it go to destiny made me feel very good. In spear nine I thought about the coming school year, my own tendancy to just let things go and never finish. The sun journey felt very nice and he gave me a gold stone. He told me to carry it in my bag where ever I go.

Task: Story

She stood in forest clearing
Offering her heart
The battle raged on below her
Her children firecly fought
Take them to the summerland
Let the sell out stop
Take them to the summerland
Let us go out on top
The land is wasting benieth me
The world is bleeding thin
I offer up our own mistakes
Just let my dying children in.

Each place has its own advantages – heaven for the climate, and hell for the society.Mark Twain






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