Hallowquest Lesson 27


Today: Well I’m behind again, but I pretty much have free day, so I plan to concentrate on this. School has started and it looks like I’m applying to grad school. Aia is almost walking now and her third tooth is coming in. Shawn is worried about his job. Hopefully all will be well.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Grail Two
Guide: Spear King
Teacher: The Flowering of Logres

Well, some background: Shawn and I had fight. (Sword Seven and Green Knight) This spread seems to be saying that we will further come to terms with each other.

Meditation: Maze of Sovereignty

Spear Two: I say yes, the card says through organization.
The Green Knight: Winter
The Washer at the Ford: Judgement, New ideas.
Spear Four: Making myself non-threatening.
Stone Hallow: Allowing others to share in my wealth.
Stone Seven: Fear without reason or action.
Grail Seven: I am not, it is an illusion.
Stone Five: A firm grounding in what I do.
Stone Two: I promise to follow through.

The gift of Arthur was a black glass stone with a pentagram inscribed on it. I found it last week as it called to me. I now carry it with me.

Why send flowers when you could send mercenaries?Philissa






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