Hallowquest Lesson 3

03/06/2001 9:18pm

1. How do you feel about being a citizen of your country? Are you proud, ashamed, dissatisfied?
I love the country I live in, however I hate the government that runs it. I’m proud of my home..but the laws that govern it I dissagree with. I know very conflicting.

2. If you could visualize your land as person, what would it look like?
Brimming with life, an extension of the land itself.

3. What national characteristics are particular to you country?
Pride, Rudeness, Justice, Injustice, Capitolism, Freedom, Newness.
The Seeker
The Washer at the Ford
Sword Hallow
Sword Five
Spear Maiden
Stone Ten

4. Look honestly at your country and see its failings. What kind of change/healing does it need?
A change in goverment and governance. True freedom instead of trade in convience & security.

Sword Queen – A leader like this.

5. What is your country’s romantic or poetic name?
Land of the Free
The New World

I did finish the divination section of my BOS. Aia was very happy today, except before bedtime and Shawn was sick. I finally got a shower, and I got alot of work done. Tomarrow I will start the tasks for lesson three.

Hallowquest Lesson 3
03/07/2001 8:08pm

1. My neighborhood seems very safe and protected. Even the school, though I hold anxiety towards simply because of all the school violence in recent years.

2. I choose to send healing to Colorado as a whole in my meditations.

3. I invoke justice and the spirit of motherhood to protect the local school

4. Affirmation:
Let the portal close
For now I’m safely home
Tonight I shall doze
No more shall I roam.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Hallow
Guide: Stone Knight
Teacher: The Round Table

A time of triumph tomarrow? What shall I accomplish?

A card that reminds me of my husband as well as some of my friends.

Another change because of my experience, guide or actions..all things must turn.

Meditation: Gwyddbwyll Board

A sense of peace, of safety. The elements evelope me like a whirlpool.

Today: I felt very sick when I got up, probably backlash from Shawn. Aia was happy today. We went for a walk around the neighborhood. I was tired but Stephanie dropped in for a surprise visit. Her and Chris want me to write up a grant proposal for them.

I am your commanding officer and I am ordering you to let the dance out!Men Who Stare at Goats






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