Hallowquest Lesson 31

10/20/2001 7:24am

Today: I’ve got DnD today. I hope all goes well. I still feel sick, but not as overwhelmed as before. I need to get caught up in Medieval England class.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Stone Eight
Guide: Sword Knight
Teacher: Sovereignty

Again I must balance what I am doing with what I need to do. Get my priorities straightened out. I should be able to persever in this messy school situation to graduation. Just take it all one thing at a time.

1. The vision of school completed.

2. Caring, comfort, willingness to let me speak, willingness to tell me their problems, love.

3. Warmth, peace, rest.

Meditation: Grail Ten
As I enter the castle, Grace, my familiar joins me. I run up the spiral stairs with her into golden halls, and Grace bites me to bring me back to reality, look past the gold she says. I find that the floors are wet. I come to the dark room and start to wash the floor. More water seeps in and I am drowned in it, warm and content.

Ritual: Grail Hallow
I did this ritual on hallow’s eve. I love energy then and since it was late anyway, I incoporated into my hallow’s rituals.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Nothing which we can imagine about nature is incrediblePliny the Elder






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