Hallowquest Lesson 32

11/13/2001 4:47pm

Today: School has been heavy the last few months. Aia is up and running now, and things are getting better in the drawing world. I really need to update my website and get going on my tutorials.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Four
Guide: Stone Queen
Teacher: Washer at the Ford

It seems the cards knew I’d be left to my own devises tonight, since my daughter and my husband are out on a play date. Time to get work done and get past this work I’ve been putting off!

1. I think my creativity suffered most at the hands of my mother. This is a broad stroke to place as it is only little things, such as disinterest, that I can remember.

2. My Husband. His generosity, faith, and devotion.

3. To fire and water…they seem to refill me.

Meditation: Grail Two, Grail Three, Grail Maiden
This seemed to be a meditation of nurishment. More than just the body and mind. I recently learned another meditation like this.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Since the soul in me is dead, Better save the skinArchpoet (Trans. Helen Waddell)






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