Hallowquest Lesson 38

12/02/2001 9:40pm

Today: Well my mom came down to help this weekend. She did alot. Aia is having a hard time adjusting. Donna says she wants to help, but I don’t see how.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Two
Guide: Sword Maiden
Teacher: The Round Table

Well caution is a must, but I know I must follow through. The maiden seems to say that the choice is easy. I just have to accept the change and charge through.

Meditation: Grail King, Grail Eight, Grail Nine
Sparkles, for some strange reason, I saw sparkles. I found a forest, a nice green, wet smelling but dry, and warm forest. It was relaxing. My heart’s desire is to create.

I plan to have one of those fancy machines that can convert the urine from those who piss on my grave to drinking water.William Haskins






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