Hallowquest Lesson 39

12/05/2001 8:36am

Today: Well Aia is staying with her grandparents for the week. I’ll have to do pictures next week. My back pain seems to be getting worse.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Grail Two
Guide: Sword Queen
Teacher: Arthur

It think I’m begining to come to terms with things. I can pull through this and not let it get me down. Be strong is the message I’m getting from this reading.

Meditation: the Sleeping Lord
He says nothing to me now, he just looked pained. His gift is dust from my decaying land, but there are seeds among it, and patches of grass showing renewal.

Task: Prophecy
1. Sword Eight
2. Stone Hallow
3. Grail Eight

I do feel as if my life has been destroyed, though I have been able to keep my treasures. I must take the freedom given me for this short while to heal a bit more. That is what I see.

Truth is the safest lie.Jewish Proverb






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