Hallowquest Lesson 41

12/15/2001 8:41pm

Today: Had a good game, I liked it. I miss Aia. Things were okay today.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Eight
Guide: Sword King
Teacher: Sun

Basically warning me to fall out of the old patterns of Dnd and accept the new. I was definately prepared to do that, we were a little afraid of getting into the old game though.

Meditation: Grail Hallow
I thought of New York, my friends, and Shawn, especially Shawn.

Augury of the Grail of Love:

1. Sword King
2. Spear Maiden
3. Stone Knight
4. Sword Queen
5. The Sleeping Lord

I totally analyze my imagination, I tend not to follow through finding things too difficult. I always thought the Stone Knight represented Shawn, and now I’ve lost him. I am who I am, and I tell people, many don’t like it but a lot do. I need to relearn compassion, I feel untrustworthy, and have trouble trusting others.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Best start praying to your dear and fluffy lordMal Reynolds






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