Hallowquest Lesson 42

12/16/2001 8:14pm

Today: Aia and I were a little at odds today, but I’m glad she’s back home. Got my sewing machine together now I just have to get some lining for the jacket I’m making.

Daily Reading: Tarot Companions
Experience: Sword Two
Guide: Spear Queen
Teacher: The Star

Well I have a decision to make about my life. I know I need a job, or at least a roommate. I need to get writing. I can just lay around all day now can I?

Meditation: Investiture of the Grail
The liquid of the land burns my throat. Guinevere smiles but does not listen, she does not let me past at first then waves me on, the tokens at her feet. My world has shattered and Guinevere represents those whose life goes on without a ripple, I feel it is everyone around me.

I can’t digest lactose. I’m a Hufflepuff.Second City Network






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